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Below is a list of some main template features.

  • Easily add more pages and navigational links.
  • Four different page template layouts:
  • A Flash movie.
  • The Flash source file (.fla) file is included.
  • The static image that is used in the Flash movie.
  • The font files that are used in the logo.
  • Several sets of credit card and shipping icons that can be used with your website.
  • Ready-made web template.
  • Extra navigation at the bottom of each page (increases usability).
  • A place to add your business name or logo.
  • E-commerce buttons.
  • Extra bullet and icon graphics
  • Use of external cascading style sheets for text and link color. Easily change the text size and text color throughout the website.
  • A Header and Footer page, which allows you to modify one page to make changes to your entire site for the logo area and the company information area at the bottom of each page.

Info Box
Use this info box for important topics, news, updates, announcements, sub navigation or contact information.

Extra Graphics
This template comes with many extra graphics, such as e-commerce buttons, credit card icons, shipping icons, and the editable psd and Fireworks files for the logo.